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The New Uniform Civil Court Rules Explained

The South Australian Courts are introducing a new Electronic Court Management System (ECMS), and with it  a new set of Uniform Civil Rules. The new Rules are anticipated to come into effect on 18 May, 2020. One consequence of the new Rules is that there will be one set of rules for the Supreme, [...]

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If Politicians Are Allowed To Spam Us, Shouldn’t We At Least Have The Right To Opt Out?

Between fraudsters bombarding our phones with bogus messages about delivery items, and former Liberal MP turned United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly providing unsolicited texts on behalf of the United Australian Party, many Australians have had enough of receiving a relentless barrage of unwanted spam. But while the phishing scam artists are clearly breaking the [...]

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Privacy & QR Codes: How Do We Keep Our Personal Data Safe?

When SA first introduced its government based, universal QR code check-in system in December 2020, it was clear that most businesses and customers were quite willing to support the contact tracing data collection regime. Despite some businesses and consumers still catching up with QR code requirements (with a recent police blitz of 846 businesses [...]

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No Jab No Work

With more high-profile organisations, such as the AFL, announcing vaccine mandates, the questions many businesses will be grappling with are: “Should we implement a mandatory vaccine policy, and how can it be done lawfully?” And some employees will no doubt be asking: “Do I have the right to refuse to be vaccinated?” Let’s start [...]

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